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Christmas in Austria

Christmas commences with the feast St Nicholas on 6th December. St. Nicholas along with the devil Knect Ruprecht visit children and enquire about their conduct. Based on their behaviors the Saint gift the children with presents which are opened after the Christmas Eve Dinner. Carolers go from door to door playing brass musical instruments and carrying flaming torches and trough. It is also said that on 24th December the farmers mark the initials of the Magi CMB (C-Caspar, M - Melchior and B-Balthazar respectively) on their stable doors to guard their cattle from ill health for the coming year.

"Silent Night", one of the most famous Christmas carol was conceptualized in 1818 in a small Austrian village of Obernhorf. It is believed that on the Christmas Eve pastor Joseph Mohr found that organ used for the Christmas hymns was damaged by the mice. In order to handle the situation Mohr consulted organist Franz Gruber who played the lyrics of the song that the priest had written on his guitar. The tune pleased everyone in the village and thus the popular "Silent Night" came into being. Even now it is heard in the Austrian radios.

A typical Austrian Christmas Dinner may include baked carp, sacher torte, goose, ham and different chocolate delicacies are served as a dessert.