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Christmas - Christmas in Belgium

It might seem unfamiliar but the best thing about Christmas in Belgium are the two Santas. St. Nicholas visits those who speak in Walloon language and for those who speak French it is Pere Noel. It is also believed that St. Nicholas visit Belgium twice.

One on December the 6th it is said that St. Nicholas rides on a horse back and so the children keep small baskets or shows filled with carrots, turnips and sugar plum for the tired horses and a glass of wine for the Saint beside their doors or the fireplaces. In return the Saint fills their shoes or baskets with candies, chocolates, cookies of all shapes and sizes and even toys.

For the French speaking people homes are visited by Pere Noel accompanied by Pere Fouettard and a donkey. Depending on the children's behaviors he gives gifts. For the good children he has chocolates and toys and for those who were bad gets wooden sticks.

Nowadays parents also give presents to their children on 25th December kept under the Christmas tree.

On the Xmas day a grand buffet is served which includes stuffed turkey, various sea-foods, French bread with 'Boursin' cheese and for the desserts they have rich creamy cake known as 'la buche de Noel'(means 'Christmas log').