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Christmas-Christmas in Canada

As a part of Portuguese colony Brazil celebrates Christmas in own cultural way. One is conducting the nativity scene known as Prespio. It is derived from the word "presepium" which means the first bed of straw on which Baby Jesus first slept after His holy birth. Here Santa Claus is called as Papai Noel and brings gifts to the children and poor. The carol that is most popular among the Brazilians would plausibly be "Noite Feliz" (Silent Night).

Amigo secreto or secret friend is also considered as one of the age old tradition common among the families and friends. During the early part of December the players put their names on a piece of paper and take another piece where the name of another participant is written. But the person who took the paper doesnt reveal the name written on it. On the Christmas day when the families and friends sit together after the grand meal disclose the names of their secret friends and give special presents to them.

A Christmas Dinner will include colorful rice, roasted pork, chicken, fish or traditional turkey, with beer. For the desserts they have tarts, nut pies, chocolate cakes, and panettone.