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Christmas in Czech Republic

In Czech, the celebration starts from 6th of December (the feast of St. Nicholas or sv. Mikuláše) and lasts till January 6th (the visit of the 3 wise men). Children believe that on the eve of the feast day (that is December 5th) St. Nicolas comes down the earth using golden rope along with an angel and a devil that carries a whip. On 4th of December unmarried women observe a tradition called "Barborky". It is believed that the girls cut a twig and put it in water and if it blossoms by the Christmas Eve, then the girl will get married within the coming year.

King Wenceslas was a famous king in Czech who remains immortal through Christmas carols. It is said that his mother was enraged for his firm belief for Christianity and was killed by his brother on the Church steps. Before his death the King asked God to forgive His brother. That made him to be a patron saint. According to a tradition, a plate is left empty at the Christmas meal for Jesus so that if he comes he can join the families.

The chief festival lasts on for three days. On December 24th many people especially the devout, fast during the day and break it with a grand meal after seeing the first star. At midnight people attend the Holy Mass or “Pasterka”.

Carp of different varieties are considered as the chief meal for the grand Christmas Dinner. It is said that if a person puts a scale of the fish under his/her plate or in the wallet then that person will have adequate money during the coming year. The people have cod roe soup and tempt each other with mythological tales of a golden pig.
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