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Christmas-Christmas in Denmark

It is the time for the mischievous elf named Nisse who plays pranks on people and has fun. He is believed to be a good elf and stays on the lofts of farmhouses. He wears gray woolen clothes, red bonnet and stockings and white clogs. On Christmas Eve families often leave a bowlful of rice pudding or porridge for him so that he can keep his jokes within limits.

There was a tradition in Denmark in the early days that the riches used to gift their servants with best quality plates, biscuits and fruits. These plates were of fine qualities and worth collecting. The tradition is known as Christmas plate.

In Denmark the advent of the Christ is known as "advent" and is celebrated each Sunday before Christmas. Guests are invited each Sunday to be a part of the lightning of the candles on the Advent Crown. Later the adults celebrate with a warm alcoholic drink mixed with red wine, spices and raisins containing while the children drink fruit juices. They eat special cup cakes that are made from the batter and cooked over the fire in a special pan, dusted with icing sugar and a knob of butter on it. People also keep seeds in dishes for wild birds outdoors.

The most important day is the Christmas Eve or "Juleaften" where the parents decorate the Christmas tree secretly for their children with home made items like wood, colorful papers and straw baubles. The children are allowed to see it when it is lit up. Then the family gathers around to sing carols and hymns. The feast comprises roasted goose, pork or duck along with potatoes, red cabbage. They have pastries and a traditional cinnamon laced rice pudding known as Grod. An almond is kept in it and the person who finds it gets a gift.
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