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Christmas in Estonia

Everyone from the Catholics and Orthodox Christians to the Lutherans and Atheists, celebrate Christmas or "Joulud" with the same jolly spirit. On the Christmas Eve, the Estonians mark the day with cleanliness and lot of food. They also keep the leftovers after the dinner overnight so that their ancestors or spirits of their families, friends and loved ones can feast on it. The president announces 'Christmas Peace' after attending the Mass.

Another tradition in Estonia is brewing the beer at homes. The brewing needs to get started at night so that the evil eye cannot spoil it.
A typical Estonian Christmas meal will include pork with sauerkraut or Estonian sauerkraut (pickled cabbage), baked potatoes, potato salad with red beet, white and blood sausage, meat jelly. They drink "Glogi" or mulled wine, a traditional drink. For desserts they eat gingerbread or marzipan.

December 25th is the time to relax for most of the Estonians

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