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The Finnish believe that Santa Claus lives in Finland and so He comes personally to give presents to the children. The famous tourist park 'Christmas Land', is in the north of Finland that attracts thousands of tourists worldwide each year.

The farmers tie a sheaf of wheat on the pole or a tree with nuts and seeds for the birds to peck. Some peasants do not eat till the birds complete their dinner. 'Star Boys' tour the countryside singing Christmas carols in some parts of the country.

The churches remain open from 6 in the morning on the Christmas day. It is the time for cleanliness; people clean their homes, visit sauna, and wear new clothes to attend the Christmas dinner which is usually between 5pm to 7 pm. The 'peace of Christmas' is broadcasted on radios and TVs at midday by the City Mayor of Turku, south of Finland.

The main dish for the grand dinner is snowy n fluffy codfish, roasted suckling pig or fresh ham, vegetables, rice, 'casseroles' of macaroni liver and raisin, carrot, with cooked ham or turkey. After dinner the children go to sleep and the adults sit and chit chat with their guests while drinking coffee.

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