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Christmas in India

It is the December 5th that holds much importance in Holland because it is the time when Sinterklass or St. Nicholas brings the children presents. It is believed that St. Nicholas along with his helper Black Peter come ashore on a boat. The Saint wears his red Bishop's robe while his servant is dressed with Spanish clothes. After St. Nicholas arrival the churches Then, St. Nicholas mounts on a snow horse and joins parades and celebrations followed by exchanging gifts. In the evening children put wooden shoes filled with hay and carrots for Sinterklassís horses so that these can be filled with presents in the next morning.

During the Christmastime, the farmers blow long horns in sunset. They blow these horns over the water wells so that they sound very loud which declare the onset of Christmas. Children believe that Sinterklaas lives in Madrid, Spain where he records the behaviors of them and notes down in his little red book while Piet carries the gifts.

On the Christmas Eve children believe that Santa Claus or "Christmas Man" hails from Lapland in Finland and give more gifts to the kids. However, the celebration ends with sumptuous dinner.
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