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Santa Claus

Who can ever imagine a Christmas without Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas (in Turkey), Kris Kringle (in Germany), Father Frost, Pere Noel (in France), Father Christmas (in Britain), Hagios Nikolaos (in Greece) Papai Noel(in Brazil) or just Santa who is popular among the children of all ages throughout the world. He brings gifts to the children based on their good behaviors. The jolly, plump, white bearded old man bringing gifts for the little boys and girls overnight or in the late hours of Christmas Eve (24th December) or on Feast Day also known as St Nicholas Day, December 6th.

However, there are different controversies regarding his biography. The Santa that we see today an old plop man wearing a white collared and cuffed red coat and trousers with black leather boots, belt and big pompom topped cap did not acquire the look just in one day. He has gone through several makeovers over a period of time and then came to this favorite image. Some think that the red uniform of Santa was designed by the famous soft drink company Coca Cola in 1931.

As per American interpretation the inspiration and the name of Santa Claus came from the Dutch legend Sinter Klaas around 17th Century. It is also believed that the famous caricaturist and political cartoonist Thomast Nast made the present day image of Santa Claus popular which was particularly in the United States and Canada in 19th Century.

The American version says that He lives in North Pole while another legend depicts that Santa is from far north where it snows perennially. In the UK it is believed that Father Christmas hails from Korvatunturi in Lapland Province, Finland. There, he stays with Mrs. Claus, innumerable elves and reindeer. He runs a workshop making toys and gifts for the children and then distributes them among the kids based on their conducts. He travels on a sleigh pulled by his flying reindeer at the night sky.

Another legend says that, around 4th Century A.D. the rich, kindhearted Bishop Nicholas of Smyrna used to live in present day Turkey. He loved children and to bring smile to the poor kids he used to throw gifts through their windows. He was also concerned about the sailors and their ships. With time, the Bishop forms the base of Christian era Santa Claus.

Later, the Orthodox Church alleged that St. Nicholas was a miracle worker who was held in high esteem. He used to help the poor and children and to his honor St. Nicholas Day (December 6th) is celebrated.

Whatever be the origin of Santa Claus and his famous attire he remains the favorite character for the children world over.

Addresses of Santa Claus:

Over the years it has been a tradition for the children to write letters to Santa making their wish lists and names of toys that they would like to get as Christmas presents. Several post offices allow children to write letter to Santa and some postal workers even volunteer to reply them. It has been noted than from 1982, 13,000 Canadian postal employees offered to respond to these letters. According to the tradition in Great Britain children write letters to Father Christmas and then burn them so that the ashes can reach North Pole, where He lives. Finland believed as the abode of Santa and thus receives the maximum number of letters from the children all over the world. On an average each year the country gets more than 600,000 letters. Children from the UK, Japan and Poland write the most. The Finnish believes the fact that Santa Claus dwells in Korvatunturi and his mailing address is in Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle.

The most popular postal addresses of Santa Claus are:

Santa Claus,
North Pole Village,
Canada - H0 H0 H0

Santa Claus,
Santa Claus Village,
Arctic Circle, Finland

North Polar-Santa Claus
PO Box 56099
North Pole, AK 99705-1099

North Polar - Santa Claus
P.O. Box 56799
North Pole, AK 99705-1799

With the advent of Worldwide Web Santa Claus also started to have separate web addresses so that He becomes more accessible to the children and gained much popularity. You can find different websites by browsing the internet and various search engines where you can email Him, interact, play, get information and ideas about Christmas and its related topics. They attract millions of parents and children throughout the globe. This shows that the popularity of Santa has increased over the years. Thanks to the globalization and commercialization.